Which is Better Working Out Before or After Work?

We always try to pin down the answer to when the best time to work out is, whether it’s at the crack of dawn or after a long workday. But the answer is that there is no right answer.

While research supports both morning and evening workouts, your best bet is to pick a workout that aligns with your long-term fitness goals, and something you can stick with.

Regular exercise brings numerous benefits to the body, mind and spirit. In addition to building muscle strength, heart health, bone strength and maintaining a healthy weight, there are also emotional benefits to mood, mental health, stamina and energy levels throughout the day.


Are You An Early Bird Or a Night Owl?

Some people prefer to tackle their workout first thing in the morning, while others enjoy working out in the evenings after work. Is there a health difference between these two approaches?

Most experts tend to agree that the metabolic boost and caloric burn from exercise will be about the same regardless of the time of day. What matters most is that your workout time makes it easier for YOU to get out there and be consistent with your workouts.

However, some general pros and cons are as follows:

Pros of Exercising in the Morning

  • Helps wake you up and start your day
  • Possible slight additional fat burning benefits to working out on an almost-empty stomach
  • Lifts mood and could also boost productivity at work


  • Potentially higher risk of injury due to cold muscles

Pros of Exercising in the Evening

  • Lower risk of injury due to muscles being warmed up
  • More robust workouts are possible due to being fueled up from breakfast and lunch


  • Potential sleep disruption

What do scientific experts say? Research has shown that the persons more prone to exercising regularly and sticking with a program do so in the mornings. Resolving to work out first thing effectively gets it out of the way, while workouts scheduled later in the day are easier to skip if things come up.

However, those who opt for morning workouts should ensure they get sufficient sleep the night before. They should also allow plenty of time for stretching and warm up to reduce the risk of injury.

What Works For YOU?

That said, some people are simply not morning people and will never be. In these cases, forcing a morning workout will be counterproductive. Ultimately, the best and most effective time to work out is the one you can reliably stick to.

For example, a morning workout is going to require a nutritious dinner, a more rigorous warmup and lots of sleep, while an evening one will require you to fuel right throughout the day, and to make sure parties or events don’t interfere with your gym date.

The goal is to make regular exercise a habit that’s as much a part of your life as brushing your teeth. While there might be nominal benefits in terms of fat burning in the morning, either option can work very well.

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