How To Make a DIY Camera Bag from Any Backpack

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to make your own camera bag –  maybe you don’t like the quality of construction of the bags that you can afford, or you have a bag that you really like wearing.

Whatever your reasons, you can certainly turn your favorite backpack into a safe, secure carrying case for your camera and lenses.

Don’t get tied down to carrying your gear in just one camera bag. This DIY insert turns any bag into a camera bag—so you can switch between using backpacks, messenger bags, purses, and other bags while protecting your expensive equipment

How To – 6 Steps for Making Your Backpack a Camera Bag

1. Buy your materials

You can go to Walmart or a hobby store to pickup your supplies. You will need:
• Camping pad – ¼ inch foam material to protect your equipment
• Heavy duty glue and tape – Gorilla brand works well
• X-Acto knife
• Scissors
• Sharpie for marking the foam
• Paper or cardboard for making patterns
• Cutting surface – to safely cut the foam using the X-Acto knife

2. Plan your design

Decide what you want to carry in the bag – like your camera and whatever lenses you want to take, and then build your template from there.
The easiest type of container to build is one that sits on the bottom of the bag and has dividers for each item. For instance, you can make a container that has two dividers, which would give you space for three items – camera, telephoto lens, standard lens.

3. Make your templates

You want to make a template to use for cutting your foam material. Both paper, like paper grocery bags, and cardboard can be used.
Situate the paper in the bag to simulate the shape of the container you want to make out of the foam. Now you have a template.

4. Cut the foam

Place the template(s) on the foam and mark the edges with your sharpie. Take the X-Acto knife and cut the foam along the marks.

5. Glue/tape the foam

Use tape and glue to bond the foam pieces together.

6. Add padding to the front and back

To have full protection, you will need to line the front and back with foam.

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