The Great Tips You Can Use to Motivate Yourself to Hit the Gym After Work

Being a modern city girl can involve a lot of schlepping…but now you got ITR to help you cut the weight by the weight management system. The last thing you probably want to do after a hard day at work is hit the gym… but at the same time, your health is something that is absolutely worth fighting for.

 If you’re having a bit of a difficult time coming up with the motivation you need to actually make it to the gym after work, there are a few key tips that you can start using today to make things easier.

1. Schedule Those Workouts

You’ve got a very busy schedule – nobody is saying that you don’t. But probably the biggest thing getting in between you and those regular workouts is that you look at going to the gym as something that you should find time for rather than make time for. Start acting like going to the gym is important – because it is – and build it into your schedule rather than creating a schedule and looking for opportunities that are hard to come by.

2. Bring Those Workout Clothes to Work

Imagine the time you waste by getting off of work, heading home (and sitting in traffic), getting your workout clothes, heading to the gym (and once again sitting in traffic). Now, think about how much time you would save if you had just brought those clothes to work with you in the first place. Pack a gym back and take it to work with you to not only make more time for the gym trip itself, but to make sure that you don’t use “going home” as an excuse to just collapse on the couch and call it a night.

3. The Power of the Gym Buddy

If possible, find yourself a gym buddy to schedule regular workout sessions with – at the very least, this will give you someone that can hold you accountable to make sure you actually show up. You can also do the same for them. You can also consider taking a class at your local gym as an opportunity to make new friends that can be useful for this purpose.

4. Hold YOURSELF Accountable by Creating Rules

Personal accountability is important, which is why making rules for yourself regarding when and how often you’ll work out is equally so. Tell yourself that you won’t work out less than three times in a single week, for example, or that you won’t go more than two days without working out. You’d be surprise by how powerful this simple step can really be.

5. Let Music Be Your Guide

Consider making a great playlist on your smartphone filled with songs that really motivate you to get to the gym. These types of custom, created-by-you soundtracks for solo workouts can not only help get you to the gym in the first place – they can keep you motivated, energetic and committed to getting to the finish line. Experiment with different styles and genres of music until you find the one that best fits you. Crank that volume up to 11 and get to work!

6. Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself

Working out is, well… hard work. Nobody is trying to pretend otherwise. But if you worked hard at your job all day you wouldn’t be afraid to give yourself a little reward, would you? Of course you wouldn’t – which is why you need to do the same for your gym trips, too! A little reward at the end of a hard work out feels terrific because it’s deserved – and it can give you the increased motivation you need to do it all again tomorrow, too.

Getting to the gym is never easy. It’s even more difficult when you’ve got to get to work right after your workout. Shave minutes off your morning routine wherever you can, and packing your gym (and work )bag is a place you can save time easily.

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