The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Camera Bag

From backpacks to slings and over the shoulder or messenger-style bags, there’s nearly an endless selection of models from which to choose.

However, for today’s image-makers and story-tellers can now add this extremely powerful flying camera to their workflow in the same amount of space as a standard DSLR and 70-200mm lens.

So how would you choose a bag if you have DSLR and also a drone ( like DJI)? The following tips can help you make a decision that suits your unique needs!

8 Steps for Choosing The Perfect Camera Bag

1. Decide how much gear you will be carrying

You may carry your camera body and a lens or two. Or you may carry 10 lenses and a variety of accessories. Just remember to plan for how much gear you will want to take with you in most situations.

To determine if a bag will hold your gear, you can take it to the local shop and test it out, or you can use a container with similar size to the internal dimensions of the bag you want to perform a rough test.

2. Know how heavy the bag is

Ideally test the bag you want without any gear in it to understand how much it weights. Some bags are much heavier than others.

3. Decide on how you want to carry – backpack or shoulder strap

Backpacks are much more comfortable to carry heavy weight or for long periods. But shoulder bags are much easier to access your gear.

4. Consider how stealthy you need your bag to be

Some bags are very obviously expensive camera bags. If you want to avoid being a target for theft, consider a bag that is not flashy.

5. Think about padding

The padding in the bag is what makes it a camera bag. The better the padding, the better protection for your expensive equipment.

6. Know how much protection from the elements you need

Some bags are designed to keep out a hurricane, while others are designed for clear skies.

7. Will you be carrying a tripod

If you want an easier way to carry your tripod, look for bags designed for tripod users.

8. Pick a bag that works for you

Avoid choosing a bag just because it was recommended to you, or you saw it on social media, etc. Choose a bag that fits your requirements!

ITR One backpack is one of the recommended bags for those who want to include a drone as a part of their go-to kit along with their DSLR, Mirrorless and other camera gear.

This new concept design will carry and protect drones, as well as remote controls, laptops and any other extras you decide to take along with you. For updates on our new bag launch, sign up at .





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