How to Safely Use Any Bag as a Camera Bag

Whether you don’t have the money for an expensive camera bag, or you just prefer to use different bags for reasons of style, it can be handy to know how to turn any bag into a camera bag. With a little planning and some useful accessories, you can carry your camera safely and securely in most bags and backpacks.

1. Use an appropriate bag

There is a lot you can do to protect your camera and keep your accessories organized – but some bags are better suited for your camera than others. A plastic grocery bag is not ideal, for instance. Choose a bag that you know won’t fall apart or allow your camera to spill out easily.

2. Try out Domke Wrap

Domke Wrap is an affordable type fabric designed to protect whatever you wrap in it. One side of the wrap is nylon, which provides durability and some protection, while the other side is felt – perfect for wrapping items like cameras and other expensive equipment.

Photo via Cinema5D

3. Use stuff sacks to hold accessories

Having power cords, batteries and other accessories rolling around loosely in the bag is going to be a problem. Instead, use small stuff sacks to contain these extras. You can purchase nice stuff sacks, like those from Porta Brace, or you can just use what you have lying around.

4. Put your lenses in Lowepro lens case

Lowepro makes specially designed cups to put your lenses in. Considering how expensive lenses can be, it is preferably to choose a container made for protecting them. The Lowepro versions work well for this.

5. Label your containers

You can use masking tape or gaffer tape to create individual labels for each container you are using. Because your stuff sacks and lens cups may be shuffling around in the bag, having a quick way to identify what is in them can make your life much easier.

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